Hi new friend!
I am truly touched that you have stopped by my little slice of the internet. Here are a few things you should know about me...
First of all, I love you already :) Second, I'm a Texas girl living the California life (for now) and trying my best to soak up every minute.
I'm a big fan of creating, in whatever way my heart takes me. I dabble in graphic design, DIY, website design, blogging & photography.
When I'm not creating you can find me daydreaming, road-tripping, dancing around the kitchen, hanging with family & friends, binging my latest Netflix obsession or in the pool on my pink flamingo floatie with a good book. I LOVE exploring new places and places I have been a million times.
If I could, I would spend every second traveling. I have more travel apps on my phone than anything else (other than my 12,547 pictures). 
But mostly I'm a real big believer in cultivating happiness.
I try to leave everywhere and everyone a little happier than I found them and I hope that's what you feel here!